Wage compensation


Wage compensation normally refers to a sum of money which a claimant seeks or receives in order to compensate him or her for missing work.

Wage compensation is normally part of a personal injury (PI) claim. These claims are governed by the law of tort, which gives injured parties the legal right to sue another party if that party has caused them damage. Since the historic case of Donoghue v Stevenson early in the 20th century, the strict requirement that parties will have an established relationship (such as an employment relationship) was lifted. Injured parties are now able to sue any party which has acted negligently and caused them a loss.

In addition to wage compensation, when filing a PI claim the claimant usually seeks to be compensated for pain and suffering related to the accident and any other expense or financial loss, including the legal costs of bringing the claim. In calculating the wage compensation, the court takes into account the lost opportunities as well as the time for which the claimant was unable to work. If the claimant was looking to start a new position, and can prove that they lost this opportunity because of the injury, the court may award wage compensation that would reflect those sums lost.

If you are seeking wage compensation it is important to remember that compensation settlements, which are offered before the case is heard in court, are an important part of the litigation process. If you turn down a reasonable offer and proceed to trial, the judge may refuse to make an order for your legal costs to be paid by the defendant. 

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