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Any person over the age of eighteen should have a will, particularly if they have children under eighteen or assets of significant value. Some firms of solicitors specialise in will writing; solicitors that do specialise in this should be able to advise you not only on how to make a will, but what the effect of your will is and related matters. Will writing solicitors should be able to advise you on tax implications, which can be significant; they may advise you to make lifetime gifts, put money into trusts or hold property jointly in order to minimise tax on your estate. If you have assets that exceed the nil-rate band for inheritance tax, which currently stands at £325,000 in 2009/10, then you should ensure you instruct specialist solicitors who can assist you with inheritance tax planning.

Will writing is a precise art and failure to comply with the formalities laid down in the Wills Act 1837 can mean that your will is invalid. It is therefore important to use specialist will writing solicitors who can ensure these formalities are complied with.

For example, you will need to name executors in your will; these are people who carry out your wishes and distribute gifts in accordance with your will. Will writing solicitors will usually advise that you appoint at least two executors to deal with your estate, although you can appoint up to four executors. Executors can be relatives, friends, solicitors, accountants or banks, amongst other people and institutions. You should be aware that if you appoint a professional executor, such as a solicitor, then their services will be paid for out of your estate.

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