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There are many specialists within the legal profession. The need for such specialists comes from the complexities each area of law incorporates. As in any other UK city, Belfast family solicitors often represent clients in very niche and complex areas of family law. Some family solicitors in Belfast choose to specialise in one or more areas of family law, such as adoption or international child abduction, whereas others deal with the broad spectrum of family law matters.

The most common types of cases that are associated with Belfast family solicitors are divorce cases. The main aim in such cases is usually to maximise the amount of settlement money or to ensure that the client has contact with any children of the marriage. However, there are other less common legal issues which Belfast family solicitors may be confronted with, such as representing a minor in request for a secure accommodation order. The case of N & W Belfast Health and Social Services Trust v DH involved a request for a secure accommodation order on behalf of the minor whilst the minor was not present. The court found that it was under an obligation to refuse the application since there were no exceptional circumstances for the minor’s absence and allowing the application could amount to a breach of the minor’s right to fair trial and right to liberty.

If you are having issues with your family and you live in Belfast, family solicitors might be able to offer you valuable legal insight into your rights under the law and the avenues open to you to resolve the issue. It is important to note that there are some significant differences between the laws of England and those of Northern Ireland when it comes to family law and you should always seek a solicitor that is qualified in the relevant jurisdiction.

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