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London has the largest concentration of businesses in the UK. As such, company solicitors in London now offer a diverse range of services. With the completion of the final phase of the Companies Act 2006 now complete, it is even more important than ever to ensure your business is operating in accordance with all the laws and regulations that have a bearing upon it.

As London is the financial capital of the UK, many company solicitors in London will specialise in business finance. These services tend to include taxation law and also the financial aspects of operating a plc. For smaller enterprises, company solicitors in London are also vitally important. If you have any doubts about a legal aspect of your business, contact a solicitor as soon as you can.

If you do need to hire a company solicitor in London, you should ensure they are properly qualified. This will mean in practice that: 

  • They have a full and valid practising certificate
  • They are accredited by the Law Society

To ensure that any company solicitors you hire deliver the services you need, spend some time thinking about your precise requirements. Company solicitors will either be general business solicitors or they will specialise in a particular area of commercial law. If, for instance, you need tax advice try and locate company solicitors in London with taxation expertise.

Business law can be highly complex in some areas. Intellectual property and commercial lease law are good examples. Never try and interpret these laws alone, and never base a business decision on anything other than sound and qualified legal advice.

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