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When you are looking for legal help and advice it is easy to overlook the small law firm that might be on your doorstep. With larger law firms able to afford expensive advertising and more lavish offices, it is easy to forget that it’s the skills and experience of the solicitors that you are really buying. In many cases, a smaller law firm may have considerable advantages over a larger one.

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Personal Service

You are likely to have just one point of contact, meaning that the same solicitor will handle your entire case, ensuring they have a complete understanding of your needs. This can be important in areas such as family law, or wills and probate where having a thorough appreciation of the whole situation can dramatically speed up the legal processes.

Cost savings

A smaller law firm may also have lower costs, as they invariably have fewer overheads. Your fee pays for the solicitor and their training, not the lavish corporate office building! Consequently smaller firms are able to offer competitive fee structures that would be impossible for larger organisations to manage.


Not all small law firms are generalists. Some boutique practices focus on just one area of law. Often they might be the leaders in their field. For example, you may find that a small law firm in your area has expertise in assisting small businesses with e-commerce law or intellectual property law, as these are very niche areas.

When you are looking for legal services, think about your precise needs and from there you can then find a solicitor that is suited to your particular needs. Locating a quality small law firm in your area isn’t as difficult as you might think; Contact Law can put you in touch with recommended law firms that can offer you the precise services you are looking for.

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