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If you are looking for information on the English legal system or on aspects of English legislation, Contact Law can save you a great deal of time by recommending English lawyers who will be able to help with your particular enquiry.

Though it is common to speak of UK law, it is important to remember that most English law applies only in England and Wales. The legal systems of Northern Ireland and Scotland are separate.

English lawyers are members of a highly regulated profession. Solicitors are regulated by the government and by their own professional body, the Law Society. This organisation also has an independent disciplinary body that investigates any allegation of misconduct made against an English solicitor.

Whatever the nature of your legal enquiry – whether it is a matter of civil or criminal law – you will be able to find English lawyers who specialise in the relevant field.

England’s judicial system is based on a hierarchy of courts. Common-law jurisdiction here means that English lawyers, judges, and the courts over which they preside are bound by judicial precedent rather than by coded laws. This makes it particularly important to find a specialist solicitor who will have experience and thorough knowledge of the aspect of law in which you are interested.

There is no written constitution in the UK - therefore no basic written law exists defining the rights of UK citizens. However, as the UK is part of the European Union, the English legal system interprets and incorporates ratified EU laws into English law. English lawyers are guided therefore by a number of supranational conventions, for example on human rights.

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