The importance of London business lawyers


London business lawyers are legal professionals who work in the UK capital and deal with matters which relate to commerce or finance. The City of London is one of the largest financial centres in the world. Since the big bang of the 1980s the city had developed a financial service industry that is second to none. These developments brought along many new legal restrictions and regulatory obligations which made London business lawyers an indispensable part of any commercial activity in the City.

The role of business lawyers (London-based or otherwise) can generally be separated into two related functions; to advise clients on commercial deals and their potential risks, rewards and legal liability, and to facilitate agreements by drafting contracts that reflect the wishes and interests of the clients. A third issue of compliance normally fits into the first function. Corporate compliance is achieved when a company completely adheres to all the rules and regulations that govern the industry it is operating in.

The volume of rules varies dramatically, with some industries (e.g. banking) having much regulatory oversight and others having little. London business lawyers who specialise in compliance are usually industry-specific, as are the requirements themselves. It is safe to say that without these professionals the capital’s economy would not be able to function.

If you are doing business in the capital, and you are not being advised by a specialist solicitor, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. The insight of a legal professional can ensure that your deal is both fair and legally enforceable, and that your interests are protected.

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