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What are slander laws?

Libel and slander are types of defamation, and in the UK libel and slander laws are contained in the Defamation Act 1996. Libel and slander laws are designed to protect you from people making untrue statements about you to other people.

What is slander?

Slander is a false statement that is made about someone, which is damaging to their reputation. Slander is an oral statement. Libel, on the other hand, is a written or recorded (whether by video, or sound) statement.

When should you sue for slander?

If comments made by someone are damaging to your reputation, this can cause not only cause personal distress, but may also result in financial loss if they affect your career or business. It may be something that was said about you personally or about your business or company, either of which can bring an action under slander laws.

An example

For example, someone may be making negative comments about your business around your local area. This could cause you to lose customers and therefore money. So, you could sue them for compensation under slander laws.

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