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If you have been caught shoplifting or have to go to court on shoplifting charges then you should speak to a criminal solicitor who can advise you how the law relating to shoplifting applies to your case. This will put you in the best position to avoid a custodial sentence.

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What is shoplifting?

Shoplifting involves stealing from a shop.

What is the law on shoplifting?

There is no specific law on shoplifting. People who are found guilty of shoplifting are charged with theft under the Theft Act 1986.

What penalties apply to shoplifting?

The penalty will depend of the severity of the offence and whether it is your first offence or if you been caught shoplifting before. Being caught for shoplifting can have serious consequences.

A penalty notice is a common penalty for a first time offender. It is a fixed-fee penalty which can vary between £50-80. If you do not pay the fine then you can be taken to court for non-payment.

Other penalties for first time offenders include a caution from the police, which can form part of a criminal record.

You can also be asked by the shop you have shoplifted from to sign a document where you agree that you will not enter the shop for a certain period of time.

If you are repeatedly caught shoplifting you can be tried at the magistrates’ court where you could face a custodial sentence (time in jail).

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