London 2012 worth gold for thieves


The world is currently watching London and how the 2012 Olympic Games are progressing. Beside the sporting events themselves, the uncertainty of the security level of the Games has attracted much attention. Security firm Venafi believes there has never been a higher risk, in London's history, of individuals' mobile phones being stolen.

With reports of keys to the Wembley stadium being lost and significant cuts in the number of police officers across the country, many are left wondering whether the safety of Londoners, and visitors to the capital, is being satisfactorily looked after.

Security - public or private?

The security of the Olympic Games was to be handled by a private-security firm, G4S, but the military had to be called in after reports emerged that the firm was not equipped to handle the task. Whilst the Government commissions the monitoring of official events to private firms, the number of police officers has decreased significantly over the past year.

Coinciding with this decrease, there has been an increase in the number of volunteers assisting forces as special constables.

Chief Superintendent Derek Barnett has stressed that although the assistance of volunteers is useful and very much appreciated, it is nevertheless important to recall that they are not practising police officers.

The difference between someone who is professionally trained and someone who lacks such qualifications is important; for instance, tumults like the 2011 summer riots require professional policing and can pose a danger to untrained civilians who try to intervene.

London is famously crowded, and with thousands of people visiting the capital during the Games the city's capacity is being tested. With people crammed in trains and buses, there is unfortunately an increased risk that passengers' goods are stolen by thieves who take advantage of the situation.

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