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Libel is one of the two different types of defamation. Libel occurs when someone writes or publishes something untrue about you that is damaging to your reputation. It is this fact of it being published that makes it different from slander, which is usually spoken.

In this section we have set out some useful information on:

  • What is libel?
  • The elements of a libel claim
  • How to make a claim
  • Online libel

You might come into contact with libel if someone has written, published or broadcast something about you or your business. Or if you have written something about someone else they might be threatening to sue you. It does not necessarily have to be published in a major newspaper or book for it to be libel – it could be something written on a website or online discussion board.

Libel claims can be pretty costly and difficult. You should always receive legal advice from a specialist solicitor and consider the relative benefits and costs of taking legal action.

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