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Laws for landlords


There are many statutory and common-law obligations that must be complied with by landlords. Laws govern disrepair, notices, eviction (and unlawful eviction), security of tenure, rent arrears and anti-social behaviour. Landlords must ensure that they comply with all relevant housing law in order to prevent a tenant from bringing any civil claims against them.

There are different types of landlords. Laws on the matters discussed above vary depending on the type of landlord that is letting the property. There are three main types of landlords and tenancies. Below are the different types and some of the relevant law.

Private landlords

Private landlords normally let properties to tenants under assured shorthold tenancies. These types of tenancies are not highly regulated by law and tenants have very limited security of tenure. This means that landlords can normally evict assured shorthold tenants without too much difficulty, provided the relevant procedures have been complied with.

Registered social landlords

The second type of landlord is registered social landlords. Laws apply quite strictly to these types of landlords. Registered social landlords grant assured tenancies. Assured tenants have a relatively high security of tenure. This means it is quite difficult for a landlord to evict them.

Local authority landlords

The final type of landlord is local authority landlords. Laws apply very strictly to these types of landlords. Local authority landlords grant secure tenancies and secure tenants have a very high level of security of tenure and it’s very difficult for them to be evicted.

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