International law and trade FAQs


There is a lot of useful, interesting information on international law which deals mainly in general information. For example, how is it created? How does EU law sit alongside national law? Why might you need an international court for certain things, and when would you use one?

These types of questions are looked at in articles such as:

  • FAQs on international law
  • FAQs: International courts
  • FAQs: The European Union

Most areas of law will have the possibility of international jurisdiction - such as child custody, or buying property abroad. But those examples will be dealt with by solicitors practicing those areas of law. Most specific international law that is relevant to us here will be regarding trade.

  • Trade disputes across borders
  • EU law and businesses
  • Shipping and insurance

If your area of need is international trade and business, have a look at our articles then call us on 0800 1777 162 if you think you might need a solicitor.

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