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If you need information about lawyers, then Contact Law can assist you. Contact Law can give you information about lawyers we work with in your area and about lawyers that specialise in the type of law that you need help with.  We can also give an indication of the costs that a lawyer might charge for your case.

It may be that you need a lawyer to help with a relatively straightforward conveyancing issue and in these circumstances, it may be beneficial for you to have a junior lawyer or paralegal perform the work, whose work will be much cheaper than that of a senior partner. It may also be more cost-effective to use a lawyer who works remotely, rather than a local lawyer. In a more complex case of fraud, you would be well advised to instruct the lawyer with the most expertise in the field.

When a legal issue arises, it is often difficult to know who has the most expertise and who will do the best job for you. If you need information about lawyers, Contact Law can give you some information about the firms that we work with and match you with a suitable lawyer for your needs. We work with lawyers that specialise in all areas of law from everyday will making to highly specialist international law. Lawyers are bound by a strict code of conduct and professional regulations which means they must act in the best interests of their client. All the lawyers that Contact Law can recommend to you have guaranteed a service level to our clients.

If you would like to obtain information about lawyers, Contact Law can put you in touch with a local specialist lawyer free of charge. So, if you have any questions or would like our help in finding lawyers please call us on 0800 1777 162 or complete the web-form above. 

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