How to complain about your doctor


To complain about your doctor (GP) you should contact your GP’s surgery first. All GP surgeries will have a formal complaints procedure you can go through. If you don’t think you can complain directly to your doctor you can use the NHS Complaints Procedure. This is a formal process you can use to have your complaint assessed in detail.

If you want to complain about your doctor, but the nature of the complaint is more serious than perhaps how they spoke to you at your last consultation, there are other ways you can complain. You could contact your local Primary Care Trust, as they will usually have a complaints manger that can give you advice.

With more serious complaints about your doctor that could become cases of clinical negligence, you can contact either the Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service (ICAS) or the Patient Advisory Liaison Services (PALS).

To complain about a doctor because you think serious misconduct has taken place, or where clinical negligence may have happened, the services of a qualified clinical negligence solicitor are essential. Note that personal injury lawyers that deal with accidents at work are not clinical negligence solicitors and do not have the skills to handle your case.

A clinical negligence solicitor can help complain about your doctor and also contact any governing bodies such as the General Medical Council. Having qualified legal representation when you complain about a doctor you think is clinically negligent can’t be stressed enough. These cases can be long and complex. The help and support that a clinical negligence solicitor can give you is invaluable in fighting your case.

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