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Understanding court costs


If you are thinking of going to court you need to carefully consider how much it will cost you and whether it is worthwhile. If you are using a solicitor they may quote you their hourly fees or perhaps a fixed fee. However, you also need to factor in costs (or ‘disbursements’) you may have to pay, such as for court fees.

You also need to consider the possibility that costs may be awarded by the court: if you win your case, the court may order the losing party to pay your costs; if you lose your case, the court may order you to pay the winning party’s costs.

In this section you can find some information on:

  • Court fees
  • Methods of paying court fees
  • Exemption from court fees
  • Legal Aid
  • Money Claim Online and Possession Claim
  • Probate costs

If you are using a solicitor you should be sure to ask them to give you a breakdown of approximate court fees and other disbursements in addition to their own legal fees. You should ask them about the likelihood of a cost order being made and the financial viability of litigation.

Contact Law has over 5,000 solicitors throughout the UK that we can put you in touch with directly. If you would like to obtain quotes on legal costs we can help you to do this, and our client advisors may be able to give you an estimate of costs for standard matters. Simply call 0800 1777 162 and let our experienced client advisors help you.

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