Five FAQs on general medical negligence


What is medical negligence?

If you have suffered an injury whilst being treated by a medical professional, you could have a case for a medical negligence compensation claim. Your medical negligence solicitor will explain that negligence is not the same as a simple accident. Clear negligence on the part of the medical professional who treated you must be shown for your case to be successful.

How can I prove that my treatment was negligent?

The medical negligence solicitor you choose to help you with your case will assess the circumstances that lead to your injury. It is vitally important for the successful outcome of your case to have as much documentary evidence as possible. The evidence you have must show that negligence took place.

What is causation in medical negligence cases?

Your medical negligence solicitor will explain that the success of your case will rest on proving causation. In practice this means proving, with evidence, that the action or indeed inaction of the medical professional who treated you directly resulted in your injury. Your solicitor may use medical experts to assess your case to decide whether causation can be proven.

How much compensation could I receive?

The precise amount of compensation you could receive if successful will depend on a number of factors; the severity of your injury and the level of alleged negligence will all be taken into consideration. Often, medical negligence solicitors will negotiate with the legal representatives of the medical professional to come to an out-of-court settlement. Your solicitor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the compensation you could receive based on the facts of your case.

Why should I use a medical negligence solicitor?

Medical negligence cases are some of the most complex civil claims that are heard in court. Having a medical negligence solicitor supporting you throughout your case will be critical to its success. Medical negligence solicitors have special training and knowledge of which you can take advantage. It is not advisable to bring a medical negligence claim without a solicitor. The courts will expect the correct procedures to be followed and it is important that the correct arguments are made before the judge. And a solicitor will always be able to obtain the best out-of-court settlement for you.

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