Five FAQs on aviation accidents


Can I sue an airline if I am injured when taking a flight?

Every airline must comply with the Montreal Convention that details their responsibilities and liabilities when carrying people in their aircraft. The Convention covers personal injury and death. If you were injured on a flight, your personal injury solicitor would use this Convention as the basis for your case. Note that your solicitors must bring your case within two years of the accident happening.

How could international law affect my case?

Because your airline may be based in another country, your personal injury solicitor will have to take into consideration any specific laws or regulations over and above those set out in the Montreal Convention. This is why it is vital that you have the advice and expertise of a personal injury solicitor with aviation accident experience.

What kind of accidents could I make a claim for?

You can make a claim for compensation for a wide range of injuries. Perhaps you slipped on the steps leading to the aircraft, or you had hot water spilled on you during the flight by a member of the cabin crew. These are examples of injuries for which a personal injury solicitor could help you claim compensation. And of course, you can also make a claim for anyone who has died in an aviation accident.

Do I need to prove that my accident took place?

As with all personal injury claims, causation must be shown.  Your personal injury solicitor must show a direct link between your accident and the action or inaction of the airline and its staff. If you have documents to show that negligence took place, or perhaps eye witnesses on your flight, your solicitor can build your case using all this evidence.

How can a solicitor help me with my claim for compensation?

Because of the international nature of air travel, and the potential for one or more countries aviation regulations to be taken into consideration, it is critical to have the help and support of a personal injury solicitor. With their expert help you should be able to make a successful claim for compensation.

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