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Family solicitors can help with any legal matters that affect a family, from divorce to child-welfare and adoption. Due simply to the rate of occurrence, the majority of work Bradford family solicitors do relates to matters of divorce.

Most of the legal framework for divorce is settled law, although there are several legal issues with the concept of cohabitation. As a result Bradford family solicitors often deal with the application of divorce laws in a rather straightforward matter; of course, the circumstances of each case will always differ and the application of the law will have to be in accordance with them.

However every once in a while an issue arises which might seem straightforward, but which has yet to be settled by the courts. For example, in the case known as Re V (a child) which originated in the County Court in Bradford, family solicitors for the mother brought an appeal regarding the County Court’s decision regarding the name of the child. The fact of the case were that the couple divorced and the mother decided to give the child the surname of her new partner with whom she was cohabiting. The father argued that that would be inappropriate because if the mother’s new relationship ends the child will have a surname different to those of both her mother and father. The wife conceded this point in court and explained that she intended to change her own last name and that of the child to her maiden name. The County Court judgement agreed with the father and ordered the child to be renamed with the surname of the father, and in doing so seemingly ignored the mother’s testimony. As a result the mother appealed and the Court of Appeal found in her favour, referring the case back to the County Court for retrial.

This case illustrates the potential for family law matters to become disproportionately complex and drawn-out. If you are involved in a matter relating to family law and live in Bradford, family solicitors local to you can help you throughout the process.

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