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Local Bournemouth family solicitors are most commonly involved in representing parties in disputes over divorce and the breakdown of relationships. In the majority of cases the rules regarding the allocation of property during a divorce are relatively clear and it is for family solicitors to present the evidence from both points of view in order to allow the judge to make a reasoned decision. Family solicitors will also argue their clients case by analogy with established rules and similar case-law.

However, in some cases the rules themselves are in question; this makes the resolution of an individual family dispute much more difficult. An example of such a rule is the assumption that when a married couple buy a house which is intended to be used as a matrimonial home, both parties own part of the house regardless of the fact that only one of them may be the registered owner. In the case of Silver v Silver, a divorce and property case in Bournemouth, family solicitors represented a couple that had purchased and sold several properties in succession, where each property was paid for by the husband but registered in the name of the wife. During the divorce proceedings the husband claimed that although the house was registered in his wife’s name, she was in fact holding it on trust for both of them. The judge disagreed with this argument and the husband appealed. On appeal, the court found that although a trust would have been an intuitive interpretation of the situation, there is nothing preventing the court from interpreting the act of registering a house in someone’s name as a gift rather than the creation of a trust.

If you are considering a divorce and live in Bournemouth, family solicitors can offer you advice regarding the legal consequences and procedures involved in divorce and property settlement.

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