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If you live in Brighton and the surrounding suburbs and have a family matter that requires legal assistance or advice, a local Brighton family lawyer can be a good choice. A family lawyer is most commonly associated with legal matters which relate to divorce, but can also help with all family-related issues, such as child protection and adoption.


In divorces where the couple have children, the issue of custody of children is often the most significant. However when it comes to the financial assets of a divorce, one of the most hotly debated issues in some divorces relate to the matrimonial home. The simple fact that one party can no longer live at the same place creates friction, but when mortgages and limited finances are involved, the matters could get even more complex.

An historic case

In a Brighton case from the 1960’s a man had left his wife and their four children. The wife remained at the matrimonial home but the husband stopped making his mortgage payments.

Several months later, the building society moved for possession in order to sell the home and recover the mortgage funds. A Brighton family lawyer acting for the wife argued that she should have legal rights separate from those of her husband, because he had left and the building society knew this.

The court disagreed, stating that because she was living with the husband when he took out the mortgage, her rights are tied with his, and she cannot receive special consideration.

If you are having family issues which could require the help of a legal professional, and you live in Brighton, a family lawyer that specialises in the area of law specifically relating to your situation can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

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