FAQs on whiplash injuries and compensation


What are whiplash injuries?

Whiplash injuries occur when the body is jolted suddenly, such as through a fall, car accident or sporting impact. Whiplash injuries normally affect the back and neck, but can result in a wide range of resultant symptoms, such as headaches, nerve pain, tingling in limbs, weakness and difficulty concentrating.

How do whiplash injuries occur?

One of the most common ways in which whiplash injuries occur is car accidents. However, whiplash injuries can also result from common day-to-day accidents, such as slips, trips and falls.

Are you entitled to compensation for whiplash injuries?

You may be entitled to compensation for whiplash injuries if someone else was responsible for causing your injuries. A person may be responsible for your injuries if they held a duty of care to ensure you were not injured and they failed to carry out this duty properly. For example, all road users owe a duty of care to other road users and thus negligent drivers must compensate those injured through their actions. Similarly, owners of property who fail to address hazards on their property, such as slippery and uneven surfaces, may be liable if you fall and injure yourself as a result of those failures.

How much compensation can you receive?

The amount of compensation to which you are entitled varies widely depending on the nature of the injuries you have sustained. Some people are affected only temporarily and in a minor manner by their injuries. However, other people may be affected for many years or even lifelong. The greater impact your injuries have on your life the more you are likely to receive in compensation.

How do you sue for compensation?

Once you have received medical treatment for your whiplash injuries you should consult a personal injury solicitor for advice on whether you have a valid claim for compensation. If you have a valid claim, your personal injury solicitor can negotiate a settlement with the responsible party. If no settlement is able to be reached, your personal injury solicitor can commence court proceedings on your behalf.

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