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Family law advice can be provided by a family solicitor that will enable you to decide on the best course of action whatever your circumstances. Family law is a highly emotional and complex area of law, and as such it is essential for you to know what your rights and responsibilities are. 

Some frequently asked questions by individuals seeking family law advice are:

Family law advice FAQ 1: What is a cohabitation agreement? Should I think about getting one?

A cohabitation agreement sets out what is to happen both during and at the end of the relationship, for example who should pay what percentage of the bills. In the event that the relationship breaks down the cohabitation agreement will state who is to remain in the home. All cohabitants should consider a cohabitation agreement; if you are unsure it is advisable that you obtain advice from a family solicitor. Such agreements are also useful in covering what is to happen should one party die. These agreements are not legally binding but provided procedures during their creation are followed correctly they can be very useful documents in the event of a later dispute.

Family law advice FAQ 2: Is it necessary to go to court to resolve money and property issues?

No, it is not always necessary to go to court to resolve such disputes and usually going to court is considered the last option. There are several alternative means to resolving a family dispute other than going to court, such as mediation. Mediation is where a neutral third party (a mediator) guides parties through the dispute resolution process. A mediator will never tell parties to a dispute what to do, but they can talk through different options with them. Parties can discuss their issues in an open environment which can improve future communication.

Family law advice FAQ 3: What are my family law rights?

The more accurate way to speak of 'family law rights' is 'family law responsibilities'. This is because parents do not so much have rights to their children - they have responsibilities. In a similar vein, 'family law rights' to spousal and child maintenance are more accurately 'family law responsibilities' to maintain their spouse and children.

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