Employment tax FAQs


The area of tax that most affects people is PAYE - the tax we pay on our wages. It far outweighs any other type of personal tax. Combined with National Insurance it makes up thousands of pounds each year - a source of constant pain for most of us!

Most articles we've put together here are for information - explaining what the different types of tax are, explaning salary sacrifice and the taxes you pay when you are self-employed.

However, the PAYE article is written from an employer's perspective, explaining how it should be set up and how important it is to have it done properly. Redundancy is also key when it comes to using a solicitor - when agreeing to a compromise agreement a solicitor will need to sign it off.

Any if you have been given poor advice on any of these topics by a professional that has cost you, you might have a case for compensation for professional negligence. If any of the above applies to you, please call us or fill in a web-form and we will find you a local solicitor.

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