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Coventry is the ninth largest city in England and in 2008 the city had an estimated total of 6,535 VAT-registered businesses. These businesses covered a wide range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, electricity and gas supply, retail, hospitality, transport, construction, business services and many, many more. These industries employed an estimated 162,700 people in 2008. With the city being a hub of economic activity in the centre of the UK it is important that both the employers and employees are aware of their rights and obligations under employment law. Coventry is not immune from economic downturn and as a result many businesses have considered making redundancies in their lifespan.

Redundancy is defined in the Employment Rights Act 1996 and is a situation in which a dismissal is wholly or mainly attributable to: 

  • The fact that the employer has ceased or intends to cease business operations in which the employee was employed
  • The fact that the employer has ceased or intends to cease business operations in the particular place where the employee was employed
  • The fact that the requirements of business for employees to carry out work in which the employee was employed has ceased or diminished

When an employer is making fewer than 20 people redundant within 90 days or less there is a duty by law to select redundancy employees fairly, warn and consult employees about the redundancy, consider any other suitable work for the employee in question, provide the correct amount of notice and redundancy pay. Employment law in Coventry is exactly the same as elsewhere in the UK. If a redundancy procedure has not been carried out correctly an employee could seek a range of remedies, including bringing an action for wrongful or unfair dismissal. If you have a redundancy issue you would like to discuss we can transfer you to suitable solicitors dealing with employment law in Coventry who can provide you with the specialist advice you need. 

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