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One of the oldest relationships recognised in English law is that of an employer and employee. Traditionally referred to in common law as a master and servant relationship, the area is seen to be closely related to contract law. The reason for this is that nearly all forms of employment are governed by an employment contract. London employers are governed by these rules even if the employer is based in a different country.

As one of the largest financial centres in the world, many multinational employers can be found in the capital. Whether these employers are based in the UK or abroad they must comply with English law when it comes to employment. When drafting an employment contract, London employers must therefore take into account all the legal restrictions that apply. The guiding principle behind these restrictions is the test of reasonableness. If a contract term is not reasonable, it will be unenforceable in law even if the employee signed it. These restrictions are found in many contractual relationships but are more crucial in employment law because of the courts interests in protecting individuals.

The clearest example of an unenforceable term in an employment contract is a clause preventing the employee from working for a competitor once the employment was terminated. This clause will only be enforceable if it is reasonably limited by time and geographical location.

If you are based in the capital and are thinking of signing an employment contract, London-based employment solicitors may be able to help. A solicitor will be able to guide you through the terms of the contract and inform you if any of the terms seem overly onerous or unusual.

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