Do I have to keep my receipt in order to get a refund?


Many retailers display signs saying ‘No refund or return without a receipt’. However, this is not legally permissible, as a retailer’s rights to provide a refund, repair or replacement of goods is not qualified by the necessary production of a receipt.

If goods do not meet the required standards under UK consumer law, the retailer must provide a refund, repair or replacement whether the consumer has a receipt or not.

Proof of purchase

There are obviously more difficulties if the consumer does not have a receipt. The retailer will, of course, need some proof that the goods were purchased at their store.

However, there are many ways that this can be established without a receipt. For example, you may be able to produce evidence of the payment method, such as a bank statement, credit card bill or cheque butt. If you have paid by cash you may have a little more difficulty.

Credit notes

Many stores say that without a receipt you can only have an exchange of the goods or a credit note. However, if the goods are faulty then by law the retailer is required to provide a refund if requested. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 says that if goods are not of satisfactory quality, or unfit for their purpose, or they do not match their description, the consumer can insist on a refund. The consumer also has some rights to demand a repair or replacement of the goods, although these rights are limited within some boundaries.

If you are having a dispute with a store regarding the refund, repair or replacement of goods, you should speak to a consumer rights solicitor. If the goods are not of enough value to warrant seeking legal advice from a consumer rights solicitor you may be able to find some free assistance from consumer services.

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