Divorce law FAQs


So much of the legal action around divorce depends on the situation. You might have only a few assets that require dividing, you might be on amicable terms with your ex-partner and you might have no complications. In this instance it might even be possible to manage the divorce papers yourself - although we wouldn't recommend it.

Alternatively, you might have several properties and investments. You might have children. And you might not be on speaking terms with your partner.

Mediation is essential in this case, but even this might not be enough and you will certainly need representation to defend your assets.

So what information do we have on divorce? We have FAQs on:

  • The division of assets
  • Parents' rights
  • Grounds for divorce

We also have more - take a look at the articles in the list on the right hand side and hopefully you will find the information you're looking for. If you need more information, or think you will need a solicitor to help with your divorce give us a call on 0800 1777 162 or fill in the web-form.

We work with thousands of family solicitors all over the UK, and will be able to find one perfect for your needs.

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