Director disqualifications


Contact Law has a network of company and commercial solicitors who specialise in director disqualification throughout the UK who can advise individual company directors on disqualification procedures.

A company director can be disqualified by a court order under the Directors Disqualification Act 1986. A court can disqualify a director if they are shown to be unfit to be a director or if they are guilty of gross misconduct. The Act also applies to shadow directors and non-executive directors.

Company directors can face disqualification for a number of reasons. The consequences are serious, with disqualifications lasting between 2 and 15 years. Therefore it is important to speak to a company and commercial solicitor specialising in director disqualifications as soon as possible.

Possible reasons for disqualification include:

  • Allowing the company to trade while insolvent
  • Not sending accounts to Companies House
  • Failing to send tax returns and pay tax

If disqualified, a director cannot:

  • Be a director of a company
  • Act as a director even if not formally appointed
  • Promote a company
  • Be involved in the formation of a company
  • Have a influence on the way a company is run

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills can investigate and prosecute directors for malpractice or for breaching a previous director disqualification order.

If you are a company director and you are facing disqualification proceedings, Contact Law can put you in touch with a company and commercial solicitor who specialises in director disqualification.

It is important to obtain legal advice quickly, as you may be fined or made personally responsible for your company’s debts. In some cases, you may additionally be facing a criminal prosecution.

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