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Conveyancing searches and enquiries


In conveyancing law in England and Wales it is necessary for the buyer to do as much as possible to discover everything about the property they are buying. The seller only has a very limited duty to disclose issues affecting title to the property, and does not need disclose any information about physical defects or environmental problems.

The way a buyer discovers as much about the property as possible, is by instructing a solicitor who will carry out a number of relevant conveyancing searches and enquiries. Some conveyancing searches and enquiries are the same for every residential transaction, these include water and drainage enquiries, enquiries of the seller and enquiries of the local authority, amongst others. Other searches and enquiries will differ depending on the area or on environmental features. If the area is a known mining area, for example, it would be necessary for the buyer's solicitor to carry out a mining search.

It is always worth instructing a solicitor in this area of law, as although it is not the most complex area, the financial repercussions of failing to undertake a required search or enquiry can be severe. In the event a person suffers financial loss because a solicitor failed to undertake a necessary search, it is likely that the person would be able to recoup their loss by making a claim of negligence against their solicitor.

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