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Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership in property, for example a house or a piece of land, from the seller to the buyer. Conveyancers are the licensed professionals who can complete this process on behalf of their clients.

Cambridge is a university town situated 50 miles to the north of London. The university dominates the town centre, with many of the buildings belonging to the colleges that are affiliated with the university. Therefore much of the residential conveyancing in Cambridge occurs outside of the town centre.

In Cambridge, conveyancers are either property solicitors or licensed conveyancers. Cambridge has conveyancers who specialise in residential property transactions, and also has conveyancers who are commercial property conveyancers. Cambridge is home to many high-tech businesses, which has earned it the nick-name of ‘silicon fen’. Conveyances involving commercial property can be more complicated than residential conveyances, and may take longer to complete.

The process of buying and selling property is a complicated one. It is important that the buyer is aware of all the issues with the property, as the seller does not have a duty to disclose information about the property. Once a conveyance is complete, the buyer has no legal recourse against the seller for problems with the property. Conveyancers conduct searches on the property and instruct a surveyor to survey the structure of the property to uncover any issues prior to exchange. A seller is not allowed to conceal any defects of the property, and they must not deceive the buyer when their conveyancer asks about the property.

In Cambridge, conveyancers also are responsible for the negotiation of the contract of purchase. In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for a seller to reduce the purchase price due to a fault with the property, for example if it requires new plumbing, which the conveyancer discovered in their investigations.

Conveyancers are essential to completing the conveyance of property in Cambridge correctly. They can deal with the legal issues, administrative work, and queries that are part of every property transaction.

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