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A commercial lawyer in London will be able to offer your business a range of services. Commercial law encompasses a number of areas that include tax, company formations and property legislation. Also, as London is the financial centre of the UK, a commercial lawyer in London will often specialise in business finance law.

It is important to use a commercial lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your business. Business law include highly complex topics such as the regulations that relate to employment law. Your business can avoid costly tribunals by using the skills of a commercial lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your business. Never try and interpret any business laws or regulations yourself. As ignorance is no defence in a court of law, you have a responsibility to ensure your business is operating legally at all times.

A law firm in London will usually contain a number of solicitors. In the UK, the title of solicitor and lawyer are usually interchangeable, as these professionals carry out the same duties. A commercial lawyer in London for instance could help you with any small claims court cases your business is involved in.

Any commercial lawyer in London that you do use should be accredited with the Law Society of England and Wales. They will also require a current practising certificate. Check that your lawyer has this document and that it is valid. If you have any issues with your commercial lawyer, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and the Legal Complaints Services are independent bodies that can help you resolve your dispute.

As business law can be complex and open to interpretation, the services of a commercial lawyer in London will be invaluable to your enterprise. From property law to business fraud, a commercial lawyer can give help and advice on all aspects of your business to ensure it runs smoothly and in accordance with all current laws and regulations

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