FAQs - Completing the caselist


Can I submit a partial update and come back to completing the remainder of the Caselist later?

Yes, you can submit a partly completed Caselist but please ensure that you have provided a complete update for each of the clients that you are trying to update, approve and submit. You can always access your Caselist at a later date and update the remaining clients.

I tried to mark a client as “Instruction - case closed” with zero fees (and nothing previously billed) but I got an error message. Why is that?

The software assumes that a client who instructs will generate billable work and therefore it requires the bill to be reported before closing the matter.

Why have I not received a Caselist this month?

In order to reduce administration, you will not receive a Caselist if there are no ongoing instructions. You will receive your next Caselist when the next client instructs your firm.

I have ongoing instructions, but still haven’t received a Caselist, why?

Please check your Spam folder in the event that it got filtered there by your email software. Be sure to add contactlaw.accounts@thomsonreuters.com to your Safe Sender list.

I made an error when submitting the Caselist, can I alter it?

If your Caselist has not been processed, you can access your Caselist by clicking on the link sent to you and amend it.

It looks like the Caselist has been processed, is there anything else I can do?

If your caselist has been processed, contact a member of the Contact Law accounts team and let us know of the changes that need to be made.
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