The importance of having a will


By Alessandra Vieira De Aquino

Many families call everyday to Contact Law looking for a solicitor that can help them out to distribute the assets or money of a relative that has died. Sometimes, this relative had a will, sometimes not. A will is a legal declaration by which a person declares who will manage and inherit his estate (money and/or assets) when he dies.

Importance of having a will

Although is not mandatory by law, we strongly recommend you to have a will written by a specialist solicitor so you can be sure all your valuable possessions will be transferred to the ones you want.

If you die without leaving a will your assets could be distributed following the law, this process will not necessarily be compatible with your wishes.

There are many advantages of writing a will, as a case handler I could name two of the most important ones:

  • You have the power to decide how your possessions will be divided and shared
  • If you are not married, but have a long term relationship, you can make sure your partner will receive your assets

What we usually advise people to do is to decide what they would like to include on their will and come prepared to tell the solicitor what possessions they’d like to include. You should consider:

  • How much money you have
  • What property and other possessions you have
  • Who you want to name beneficiaries of your will
  • Who should look after any children under 18 years of age
  • Who is going to organise your estate and look after your wishes after your death - that is your executor

Alessandra Vieira De Aquino is one of Contact Law’s most knowledgeable case handlers with extensive experience in this matter from dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis.

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