Child protection in the UK


By Juan Palomino

Children are the most significant part of our community, and any threat or potential risk to their well-being must be reported. Specialist solicitors in child care law are able to advice you, in case you fear a child is in harm’s way. You can report concerns even if you are not the parent or legal guardian of the child in question. I regularly remind my clients that contacting solicitors does not mean that you make the matter a too big deal; rather it can be the right option in order to achieve the best solution on behalf kids.

Family disputes

When the situation concerns family disputes then there can be an added layer of difficulty involved.

If you are a non-residential parent then you still have the right to ensure your child’s well-being. I always mention the importance of using a solicitor to clients who are non-residential parents. Parents who are in disagreement can be consumed by their individual conflicts and struggle with making the right approach for the child.

Advice for family members

Even if you are not a child´s parent, you can still escalate any concerns you may have as to their well-being. Sometimes after difficult procedures, such as a divorce, parents may struggle as they will not be in their regular emotional or psychological state. Your attention to the child’s well-being as a family member can help all parties.


Adopting a child is a big commitment and requires substantial work from an expert solicitor in child law, as there will be much paper work and formalities for sure the future of the new family member. I often get asked how necessary a solicitor is in the preliminary stages, and the answer is that their early involvement is important.

If you are considering an adoption, it is worth remembering that showing a very solid bank statement does not guarantee you a successful adoption, or if you do not have that liquidity there is no reason to stop you from going ahead.

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